The Monthly Grind // November 2012


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Torani Salted Caramel Latte

A new Thanksgiving tradition?


1oz Torani Salted Caramel Syrup

8oz Milk

2 Shots Tony’s Espresso


1) Steam together milk and Torani.

2) Pour into a tall glass and add brewed Tony’s Espresso.

3) Spoon a think layer of foamed milk over beverage.

4) Freak out about how good it is.


Next Panama Geisha Roast is November 7th

Tony’s Coffee Brings Back Legendary Roast

There are a lot of great perks to being a Primo employee: Sampling all new products and machines, blasting music in the office, weekly visits from Shia LeBeouf.  But, perhaps the best part of working here is that we were able to cup the Hacienda La Esmeralda Especial Geisha roasted by Tony’s.

The first roast of the Geisha is November 7th.  Due to how awesome this coffee is, it is a pre-order item only.  Oh, did I mention that there is also a significant price decrease this go-round????  Please please call Emily NOW and reserve some–you won’t be disappointed.

And now, some stats:

Producer: Peterson Family

Batch: Baru

Region: Canas Verdes

Altitude: 1400 – 1650 meters

Varietal: 100% Geisha

Processing: Fully washed, sun dried

Country: Panama (duh)

Flavor: Classic orange blossom fragrance and aroma, flavors or sweet juicy peach, honeycrisp apple, with bright lemony acidity, and a delicate finish.

Oh Hey!  We Have David Rio Chai Now

We could not be more thrilled to add David Rio Tiger Spice Chai to our catalog!

With roots in San Francisco since 1996, David Rio takes special pride in sourcing high quality ingredients for brewing America’s premier chai and teas.

More on the signature Tiger Spice Chai:

David Rio’s best-selling signature chai is a creamy, rich-tasting black tea blend enlivened with the exotic bite of freshly ground spices, including cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and gingers.

Call and order now!

Lunardi’s Market Sale

In charge of bringing coffee to your Thanksgiving celebration?  You’re in luck.

All Bay Area Lunardi’s Markets will have Tony’s Coffee on sale from November 5-19.

Run, bike, walk or hover board over to your closest Lunardi’s Market and pick up some awesome Tony’s Coffee and brew an awesome pot for your family.

Customer Feature: Cavallo Point

Nature, Nurture, Culture, Adventure

If you haven’t been to Cavallo Point, you should stop what you’re doing immediately and get there.  Located in Sausalito, CA, this resort is one of a kind.  With panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Cavallo Point is the perfect setting for a romantic and stylish getaway.

Cavallo Point offers full accommodations that include historical rooms, spa treatments, cooking classes and hiking tours.  Best of all, Cavallo is serving the best coffee, tea and cocoa that anyone could ask for!

Clever Coffee Dripper

A Full-Immersion Brewing Method

Mr. Todd Elliott from Tony’s Coffees and Teas came to the Primo offices recently and brewed us a killer cup of coffee with the Clever Coffee Dripper.  This thing is amazing.  Made of super tough, crack-resistant BPA free copolymer, the Clever Dripper has advanced the concept of full-immersion coffee brewing by creating an easy way to brew without loose grounds finding their way into your cup or any heat loss.

Unlike other filter drip systems, the Clever has a stopper on the bottom which allows you to control steeping time.  Simply place a paper filter and grounds into the Clever, pour water in and steep.  When ready, place the dripper on your cup or carafe and the stopper automatically opens and allows the filtered coffee to flow out.

Way to go Giants!

We at Primo are extremely proud of our San Francisco Giants!  Can’t wait to see what awesome memories the 2013 season brings!

Brian Wilson if you’re reading this, please come visit us immediately.  We’ll custom roast a “Fear The Beard” dark roast for you.




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