The Monthly Grind // February 2014





Red Raspberry Cappuccino

Love.  Love.  Love.


1/2oz Torani Red Raspberry Syrup

4oz Milk

2 Shots Espresso


Steam milk and Torani together.  Pour into a cup and add brewed espresso.  Spoon a thin layer of foamed milk over top of beverage.  Give to your sweetie.


Primo is La Marzocco Certified!

Primo sent field tech extraordinaire Angel Ramos to Seattle for a three day intensive La Marzocco training.

Now an official certified La Marzocco technician, Angel is ready to service La Marzoccos everywhere!

If you need service or just a general maintenance on your La Marzocco, call Jill at 925-866-2233 Ext 103 to schedule a service today!

Latest Single Origin:        Organic Ethiopia Suke Quto

A bright and refreshing washed coffee from Guji.  In the cup you will enjoy notes of dried apricot, lime, and molasses.

Producer’s Association:  Suke Quto

Region:  Guji Zone, Oromia

Elevation:  1,800 to 1,930 meters

Varietal:  Mixed Heirloom

Processing:  Fully washed and sun-dried

Certification: Organic


We at Primo strive to offer the highest quality products fitting for your cafe.  We are proud to introduce three non-dairy beverages from Pacific Foods!

Specially designed to make your beverages taste and look their best, Pacific’s “Barista Series” products offer versatility without sacrificing the flavor your customers demand.  Specifically formulated to withstand high temperatures and deliver consistently smooth, velvety microfoam, the Barista Series will be the perfect compliment to your cafe.

Pacific takes organic almonds and adds a gentle roast to allow their natural flavor to shine through.  The result is a signature taste that blends perfectly in your recipes.

Pre-order your cases today!


Customer Spotlight:

The City of Fremont

Making a difference is exactly what the City of Fremont is doing for the community. Fremont’s Recreation Services offers a wide variety of facilities and activities for your enjoyment.

These facilities include several community parks, historical sites, Central Park with Lake Elizabeth, Aqua Adventure Water park, a sports complex, tennis center, Fremont Park Golf Center, Olive Hyde Art Gallery, three program centers, and four community centers. Primo Espresso Company is proud to supply Tony’s Coffee, Organic Numi Teas, and healthy nutritional snacks for some of the recreational concession areas. Way to go Fremont!