The Monthly Grind // April 2014




New from Torani:  Sweet Heat Syrup!

The fiery heat of the exotic ghost pepper combines with the sweetness of pure cane sugar in this syrup that will add a spark of spicy heat to all your beverages.

Enliven your favorite beverages, including mochas, cocktails, lemonades, smoothies and so much more!

Try an Atomic Fireball Latte!

1oz Torani Sweet Heat Syrup

1/2oz Torani Cinnamon Syrup

8oz steamed milk

2 shots espresso

How Bout a Spicy Mocha?

1oz Torani Sweet Heat Syrup

1oz Torani Dark Chocolate Sauce

8oz steamed milk

2 shots espresso

A Fired Up Caramel Latte?

1/2oz Torani Sweet Heat Syrup

1oz Torani Caramel Sauce

8oz steamed milk

2 shots espresso

Let’s Talk Pour-Over.

It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s delicious.

We at Primo LOVE the pour-over brewing method.  We carry all the equipment and filters you need to brew yourself the perfect cup at home or work.  Follow these easy steps to brew like a pro:

1) Grind coffee to the consistency of table salt–use 2 Tbsp for every 6oz of water (24 grams per 12oz cup)

2)  Using hot water, rinse filter and preheat your mug.  Dump rinse water.

3)  Dispense freshly ground coffee into filter and shake to settle.  Create a small indent in center of filter.

4)  Pour just enough water to saturate coffee.

5)  Let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds, then slowly pour into center of the grounds in a circular motion.  Try to keep the water level fairly consistent.

6)  Enjoy!

*Some tips for perfect brewing*

-Use a swan-neck tea kettle to achieve a slow, consistent pour (we love the Hario Buono Kettle–Primo carries this!)

-If your brew time is much under 3 minutes, try a finer grind; if it’s over 4 minutes, try a coarser grind.

-A good sign of an even extraction is a flat bed of finished grounds.


Speaking of Pour-Over Brewing…

We love brewing our Tony’s single origin coffees using the pour-over brewing method.  Try one of these three fabulous offerings today!